Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arfest time is HERE!!

Adios mi amigas! i am off for 3 full days of art making merriment in Washington. I have three Fabulous teachers...Judy Wise, Pam Garrison and Misty Mawn. 3 kick ass art sisters if you ask me! While I'm away I leave you with this adorable picture of a baby aardvark, I hope his cuteness doesn't make your head explode.


ilene said...

Wanted to tell you that Ruth was doing fine in her new home. She is actually quite popular and it doesn't seem to have much to do with her typing skills. Jude slept with Ruthy last night, she thinks she looks like a Ruthy. Koala seems to be quite fond of her too and what Koala says goes around here.

It was lovely and funny and inspirational to have time with you (and Tyne).
I felt ever so welcomed into a special community of womens.
Thanks for the best trade ever.
Stay well
Have good behavior, as I will try to remember too.
your new friend, peace out, Ilene
ps hope this finds you and I ever so enjoyed the images on your blog

Anonymous said...

o.k. really - kinda freaky.

kari~* said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words!! It was awesome meeting and getting to know you and even coveting your little magical creature portraits! esp the little lamby!! take care sugar, keep in touch!