Thursday, October 25, 2007

sometimes a gypsy soul gets in the way...

and here's why. I have applied and been accepted to 4(with one down) art markets this season. I should be sewing or making jewelry 'cause well anyone who knows me knows that those are my biggest sellers for these events. But what am i doing instead you ask?? painting....ANd something i have no business doing, applying to be in an actual art jewelry, no handbags JUST ART and with other artist's no REAL artists!!!
someone please bring back my common sense?? i miss it...

well in preparation that i actually get to be in this gallery show i've whipped up these lovelies. yes they are all painted by me, i know i haven't quite devoloped a "style" that says me but i'm workin' on it~*~

Monday, October 22, 2007

Barnsdall Art Market

Yesterday was my first art market of the season. Of course it was like 80 sumthin' so not a lot of business until it cooled off. Here's Michelle Caplan and Tyn of Pookieville modeling my booth! here's Tyn's booth well almost all of it, there was another table off to the side with more bunnies.
Here's my pal Denise's lovely handmade pillows! they are so beautiful and soft with imported and vintage fabric. She also makes funny greeting cards. we got her to slow down long enough to get a picture of her below! Here's Hannah of Hannahmade Jewelry. Her designs are the most delicious!! her pieces drip off you~~I think this is her nervous face..let's hope so!!
here's the gang at the end of a sweaty day! from left to right, me, Tyn, Michelle and Denise. I don't know what happened to Hannah, sorry sweetie! I think we look pretty good for 6 hours of hot So. Cal sun

Friday, October 19, 2007

okay i honestly have no business blogging for i have an art fair this weekend at Barnsdall Art Market but i had to show you all my little baby!! She's a baby dove and she lives in the tree in my FIL's backyard. This is her in my backyard eating with a sparrow. She's very tiny and cute. I was sort of calling her Penelope but am not sure if the name suits her. She shows up a couple times a day to peck at the ground, she's too small to eat out of the feeder because the bigger birds scare her. okay off to be maniacally crafting again. oh hey! if your in the area, the show is on Sunday from 11-4 or 5(can't quite remember) stop by if you like awesomely wicked handmade goodies!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Geocaching for dummies??

okay if you haven't heard of geocaching it's an outdoor adventure game that you play using a GPS. People set up a "cache"--it is usually a container with various trinkets in it. You download coordinates to help you locate the cache, then you follow your GPS instructions and go get it. Once you get to the cache you can leave an item and take an item! Sounds easy right?? So yesterday being another gorgeous day in So Cal. we pack up the family, leash up the dog and head to the nearest one in the Arroyo Seco. The info we have tells us there are 16 caches along the trail that is basically a 3 mile loop. 16 caches?? I was worried because hubby didn't mention there were so many, i thought we were hunting for one so i only had one trinket to leave!! well no worries!!! we didn't find a SINGLE ONE!! out of 16...yes that's right nothing, nada, zip, bupkiss...well we thought they must be reaLLY hard to find and being a newbie i wasn't too disappointed but when we got home ian looked up on the site where we got the coordinates and saw that 203 found them and only 4 didn't. And just to salt the wound a little one of the 4 was searching in the rain at five in the evening! On a happy note to the whole debacle hubby found 40 bucks!! Who knew we were "geocashing" the whole time!

Monday, October 8, 2007

whew busy week! my little angel-boy turned 11. One day when we were walking across a parking lot to the car I automatically reached out for his hand and he automatically put his hand in mine. I realized that there weren't going to be many more times that this was going to happen and it made me so sad but so grateful that I didn't let this precious moment pass without recognizing it for all that it was worth. I asked him if he would still hold my hand when he was 16 and of course he said yes and I just smiled and held his hand a little tighter...
And now for the collage pieces I promised! The first piece which i call "Fifi's Glamour Shot" is image transfer onto muslin, vintage wallpaper and newer paper with a beeswax coating. The second piece has paper images. the one with the clock says "forgotten memories" and the image by the heart says" Gratitude is the hearts memory" then the lower half has a bit of map that's actually pretty close to where my old coffee house used to be! Then over that is a contact paper image transfer. It is such a cool process!! It's like magic! if you ever have a chance to take one of Tyn's from pookieville image transfer classes you won't be dissapointed. Even a collage feeb like me made something that i think is pretty neat! ps..if you click on the pics you get a close up!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

while sitting on the couch taking a wee break from sewing i thought ya'll would like to see my work space! It's particularly thrashed this week because i'm working on bags and clothing at the same should see it when i decide that i need to paint but i'm not quite ready to put all the sewing accutrements away yet!! It actually goes off to the right a little bit more i just could get it all in the picture..but i think you've seen enough. Next posting i will show you guys my latest attempt at college! to hear more about my thougths on my collage techniques, read my profile.......Happy Monday Everyone!!! Don't forget to watch Weeds and Californication =)