Tuesday, March 24, 2009

almost time...

i can't believe its been almost a year since artfest! this year I'm on the ball with trades, things to sell and little presents for my roommates. seems like the thing that keeps tripping me up is the stinkin' supply list! some of the items are quite specific(good thing) some of them not so much (bad thing) like for example "piece of ribbon"...ummm long, short, wide, skinny, decorative, plain, grosgrain,velvet, ric rac,organza, wired, non-wired, WHAT?!? or it says i could bring wallpaper instead...WHAT?!?! last year i schlept an anvil--yes an anvil, in my luggage and didn't even need it. I guess the good thing is all that ribbon/wallpaper I'm bringing because lord knows I don't want to be unprepared will be a heck of a lot lighter. I will leave ya'll with a goodie I've stitched up to hopefully sell there.

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