Wednesday, March 4, 2009

yes, these are both from me...this first one i was experimenting with doing more body parts than just heads and shoulders. i was looking at a picture for reference and if you read my blog Liv Tyler, yes those are your hands and arms =) look for mini-prints of this and a few other pieces in my esty shop! i'm also hoping to get the nerve up to post the originals too..aack...for this little lady i was experimenting using lighter colors. i love how she turned out! and how cute is a bunny in yellow pajamas?? oh my esty shop is in the side bar titled 'fun places to visit' ..excuse how sad and empty it looks, it will look happy and cheery again so0n!!


HHCampbell said...

Your paintings are wonderful! :D

Looking forward to seeing you in a few short weeks.

kari~* said...

huZZah for ArtFesT!~*looking forward to seeing all ya'll t0o!