Wednesday, April 29, 2009

okay, so my SIL Tyn and I have this running joke about the boys in our family always buying too much or too large of something because "it's the better deal" We once send my hubby and FIL, Bob to Smart and Final to buy us some mayo for the coffee house we owned. "Just get the tub size" we tell them. Well those boys (that's what we call them when they've done something "boyish") did not get the tub size, no..they brought us a TEN POUND BOX of mayo. Well now, we were really curious how they packaged mayo in a cardboard box so we opened her right up to see that the mayo was in a gigantic plastic bag. Tied at the top with a twist tie. umm yeah, not only did we not know how we were going to portion that out onto little slices of bread we weren't even sure if it would fit in the fridge. If you've ever seen Fight Club and the scene where they're tossing the 'fat bags' over the fence to later make get the idea of what ten pounds of mayo in a bag will act. Now that was ten years ago but it's still funny to this day and what brought up this delightful memory was the other day when dearest hubby went to the market. I had asked him to get soy sauce and he asked me "didn't I just get some?"I answer, "yes dear but I use it almost every day" clearly forgetting the 'mayo incident' i didn't specify a size and this is what he came home with

those boys!!! i love you honey =)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello Dollie!

Good thing I have a hubby that doesn't mind if my house work goes by the wayside for a few days. Or that I can't stick to one thing for very long. OR that I leave aLL the stuff I'm working on all piled in a corner in the living room. Here's what's been keeping me occupied..err obsessed...for the past week. Her body is made from polymer clay and her skirt is crepe paper.

Look at her cute bloomers!!

so that was so much fun that I immediately started another one!

stay tuned for the finished product~*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

AF day 3

Lordy, life has been in fast forward lately. So0oo many things I want to show ya'll! I'll finish up with Artfest pics of my last day of class with the aMazing Misty Mawn! She is so sweet and quiet and lovely and a fabulous teacher. I love her painting style and was so thrilled to have gotten in to this class. Her style is so different from mine, she starts her portraits by painting in all the dark areas then highlights with the light. I've never taken a formal painting class so maybe that's how portrait painting is taught? It blew me away to watch her do the class demo, she paints fast, I mean really really fast. I couldn't wait to try this new style, anyhoo here's my portrait!And here I am posing for the obligatory cheezy student/teacher pic..and my finished paintingLastly here are some pics from Show and Tell night! Almost as much fun as the classes, this is the student work that was blowin' my mind! This is metal screening, etched with spray patina.
This is a teeny little book made from various found items like this leaf between sheets of mica. I believe this is a Bee Shay class.

hmm. not sure who taught this class but I loved this piece!

Random pieces that i adored...

These are from Michael DeMeng's classes! He's going to be teaching at Zinnia!! I can't wait.

Lastly this is Halo! Isn't she AmAzing!! She's a Russian Borzoi and she was quite shy but let me get close enough(with her owner there) to snap some pics of her.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reality Bites

I was all excited last week because...wait for it...I got a new face wash!!! Yeah!!! I happily stepped into the the shower and squirted a big ol' glob onto my face cloth(yah need a LoT when you use it the first time!) and while I'm scrubbing away I have dreams of my skin magically looking like this when i get right?

But dreams come to a screeching halt as I look in the mirror and see something more like this...

except I'm not wearing make-up. oh yeah and I'm not black, but I do have this pissed off look on my face & all those pimples. hmmmmm........maybe the next face wash will be THE ONE!

ps...i forgot to tell ya'll..i do this every time I shower...gahhh

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

ok so I'm skipping around a bit on the order of days at Artfest. Mostly because I've been too lazy to take pictures of the pieces I made in Judy Wise's wax class...So this is day 2 with me, Tyn and the cute as a bug Pam Garrison! She was teaching us how to make a journal by hand. Pam's journals are something to drool over for sure, mine well more like to cry about..and not in a "oh that's so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye" sort of way. Maybe later in life journaling will be something I can get into, for now I'm putting that baby in a corner.

After class Tyn and I went for a drive to the beach and a short walk on the cute little pier.

We spotted 3 cute little otters playing on the dock. This guy was checking me out until I opened my mouth and scared them all off.

After we got nice and cold we went and got ice cream(naturally!) when is it not a good time for ice cream I ask? Check out the dishes!! ReaL ice cream sunday dishes...and delicious ta boot!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Artfest..dAy one

Woah....artfest year 2. I was looking forward to this for a whole year and it did not disappoint! Here's my new friend Cheryl on the ferry showing off her trades.
How friggin' cool is this??????? a Cellist playing her heart out on the ferry ride over.

House 15 pals together again(along with some new fabulous pals!!) was total mayhem and happiness!!!

hahaaa...i just had to post this one =)

This is Julie picking out her little surprise octy i made for everyone
Seeing everyone was so great! It was so comforting to see familiar faces(and fun to meet new ones!) after a lo0oong day of travel. Although I wasn't entirely surprised that my face was already punishing me for leaving home by having a few(like 7!) new zits show up..I'll spare you the pics ;)