Wednesday, April 29, 2009

okay, so my SIL Tyn and I have this running joke about the boys in our family always buying too much or too large of something because "it's the better deal" We once send my hubby and FIL, Bob to Smart and Final to buy us some mayo for the coffee house we owned. "Just get the tub size" we tell them. Well those boys (that's what we call them when they've done something "boyish") did not get the tub size, no..they brought us a TEN POUND BOX of mayo. Well now, we were really curious how they packaged mayo in a cardboard box so we opened her right up to see that the mayo was in a gigantic plastic bag. Tied at the top with a twist tie. umm yeah, not only did we not know how we were going to portion that out onto little slices of bread we weren't even sure if it would fit in the fridge. If you've ever seen Fight Club and the scene where they're tossing the 'fat bags' over the fence to later make get the idea of what ten pounds of mayo in a bag will act. Now that was ten years ago but it's still funny to this day and what brought up this delightful memory was the other day when dearest hubby went to the market. I had asked him to get soy sauce and he asked me "didn't I just get some?"I answer, "yes dear but I use it almost every day" clearly forgetting the 'mayo incident' i didn't specify a size and this is what he came home with

those boys!!! i love you honey =)

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