Thursday, April 16, 2009

AF day 3

Lordy, life has been in fast forward lately. So0oo many things I want to show ya'll! I'll finish up with Artfest pics of my last day of class with the aMazing Misty Mawn! She is so sweet and quiet and lovely and a fabulous teacher. I love her painting style and was so thrilled to have gotten in to this class. Her style is so different from mine, she starts her portraits by painting in all the dark areas then highlights with the light. I've never taken a formal painting class so maybe that's how portrait painting is taught? It blew me away to watch her do the class demo, she paints fast, I mean really really fast. I couldn't wait to try this new style, anyhoo here's my portrait!And here I am posing for the obligatory cheezy student/teacher pic..and my finished paintingLastly here are some pics from Show and Tell night! Almost as much fun as the classes, this is the student work that was blowin' my mind! This is metal screening, etched with spray patina.
This is a teeny little book made from various found items like this leaf between sheets of mica. I believe this is a Bee Shay class.

hmm. not sure who taught this class but I loved this piece!

Random pieces that i adored...

These are from Michael DeMeng's classes! He's going to be teaching at Zinnia!! I can't wait.

Lastly this is Halo! Isn't she AmAzing!! She's a Russian Borzoi and she was quite shy but let me get close enough(with her owner there) to snap some pics of her.

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