Wednesday, November 28, 2007

wow! who knew vending two days in a row could almost kill an ol' gal like myself?? okay not really! it was tiring but fUn!sort of like camping but without the trees and the nice hikes =) i got to hang out with my SIL Tyn, Michelle Caplan and Hannah from Hannahmade all of them super fun chikas!! Ian and I also got to meet Betty from Top Chef (season 2?) who was there serving the masses with grilled cheese sammies and tomato soup! Two more shows to go...the next one is the BesT!! Raffles, Live Music, Food! and of course amazing handmade gifts to buy =)
and for my second bit of news here's the post card for the gallery show i'm in!~~~i'm so excited one of my paintings made the cover!! she's the second one down, third from the left.
there will be lots of other cool arty folks there too! here's the etsy shop to one of the other artist in the show The Mincing Mockingbird their stuff is hilarious!!

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