Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm baack! and look what I can do!!!!

Wow! haven't blogged in a gazillion years...mostly because i've been having a not so creative life right as of late. Well i do believe that have changed at least for the time being!! Just got back from Artfest 2008 and had the most magical time EvaH!!! Here's the pretty mandala mixed media collage (yeah..i Collaged!!! whoop whoop) and am really excited with the result! Of course I had the most magnificent teacher Anahata Katkin!!!! I am so in love with all her work and on top of that she is very kind, patient and just a lovely soul =)
I'm so0ooo imspired to create more art not just in this genre, but to keep incorporating art more and more in my everyday living...i think it's just what this little pixie needs!!! hugs to all~*

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Anonymous said...

Hooooray little pixie!!!
you rock!