Friday, April 18, 2008 I'll admit it--I'm a huge dork. i did NOT bring a CAMERA to Artfest..yes it's true, i was more worried about being cold and having art supplies! but I've remedied the situation by stealing..oops i mean "borrowing" some shots from Tyn who continually, year after year, saves my butt! Thanks Girl!! so0oo here's a picture of our housing, it was so lovely and toasty warm with heat from old radiators and the amazing ladies we shared it with! The second shot is out of our bedroom window across the field where all the fun art took place as well as where we met for out meals(the tiny building in the center) and shared stories. the last shot is of me, Ruth and Tyn. isn't Ruth adorable?? she wore a crazy and different hat every day--i think this one best fit the whole spirit of Artfest. another thing i have to admit is that i wasn't excited about going... at all...really. ..i mean really fact i put off doing everything to get ready until the very last minute and pretty much poo-pooed the whole trip all the way until we landed in Seattle. i haven't' figured out if not getting excited about it made the trip better or not, i just know that i had such a life altering, amazing and soul fulfilling time i can't stop thinking about it and i can't believe i have to wait a WHOLE YEAR until the next one *sigh*....well at least i learned my lesson!

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Tyn said...

whew- I was worried that I was gonna drag you there and you were going to say it was life altering as in "i never want to speak to you agian." I am still processing it all myself, and yes it was a life altering experience! Glad I got to share it with you.