Wednesday, November 28, 2007

wow! who knew vending two days in a row could almost kill an ol' gal like myself?? okay not really! it was tiring but fUn!sort of like camping but without the trees and the nice hikes =) i got to hang out with my SIL Tyn, Michelle Caplan and Hannah from Hannahmade all of them super fun chikas!! Ian and I also got to meet Betty from Top Chef (season 2?) who was there serving the masses with grilled cheese sammies and tomato soup! Two more shows to go...the next one is the BesT!! Raffles, Live Music, Food! and of course amazing handmade gifts to buy =)
and for my second bit of news here's the post card for the gallery show i'm in!~~~i'm so excited one of my paintings made the cover!! she's the second one down, third from the left.
there will be lots of other cool arty folks there too! here's the etsy shop to one of the other artist in the show The Mincing Mockingbird their stuff is hilarious!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's a biggie!!

Here's where me and my SIL (plus a WHOLE bunch more uber crafty folk!) will be next weekend. if you click on the flyer it will take you to the site where you can check out the vendor list! I hope i can get some Christmas shopping done..or maybe "me" shopping done =)

I digress....

moslty because i'm not very good at writting but i wanted to show you all the vending space from the private residence show from last weekend. It was a beautiful old house, the weather was amazing and we set up around the deck by the pool. Luckily the only thing that ended up IN the pool were a few of my business cards haha.. This is a couple of shots of my set up..

this lady makes amazing bags and clutchesThese are my friend, Renee's, beautiful necklaces! and last but not least a terrible picture of Tyn's display! Her stuff is way cuter than this picture makes it out to be. Her and I will be vending together this Thanksgiving weekened!! more details in the next post...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

so this might be a little silly and self horn-arty-farty-tooting but it's my blog and i'll brag if i want too! Yesterday i took some of my girl paintings to Cactus Gallery for the Miniatures show that's going on there in Dec. and as i was laying all my things out on the counter the owner grabbed one right away and said she HAD to have it!!! I think i played it pretty cool that is until i got to the car and did the happiest happy dance one can do in such a confined space! I mean the OWNER of the GALLERY!! a REAL art gallery!! That's a pretty big deal for this little mama who's only taken drawing 101 at the community college =) so that's it! my first gallery show and first gallery sale all in the same day! oh here's a picture of the little painting she got. Her name is Panpukin Kokeshi--the painting, not the owners hehe!! Panpukin is japanese for pumpkin =)

Friday, November 9, 2007

not getting ready for a show is what i do best!!

of course in the tradition of freaking out before a show I am doing all the things i can do to avoid the inevitable..the labeling, the pricing, the packing until the very last minute and instead spend copious amounts of time well..wasting time! so here's what i've been wasting lots of time on this morning. i REaLLy want to be able to utilize photoshop to enhance some of my sketches. this is what i came up with this morning. here's the original sketch...and here's the photoshopped image. not exactly what i had in mind but i'm pleased with the way it looks more appropriate for the time period of Steampunk.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

This weekend I will be.....

Here! With LoaDs of my very talented artsy pals!

Friday, November 2, 2007


hehe, normally i hate those shortened versions of words for texting but in this case it really needs to be and OMG moment for me!! are yah ready???? i got accepted into my FIRST EVER gallery show!!!! YaY!!! It's called Tiny Treasures 2. it's a group show featuring small scale art work. It's at Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock check out thier website if you like. i am so0oooo excited~*~
well off to paint! oxox kari