Monday, October 1, 2007

while sitting on the couch taking a wee break from sewing i thought ya'll would like to see my work space! It's particularly thrashed this week because i'm working on bags and clothing at the same should see it when i decide that i need to paint but i'm not quite ready to put all the sewing accutrements away yet!! It actually goes off to the right a little bit more i just could get it all in the picture..but i think you've seen enough. Next posting i will show you guys my latest attempt at college! to hear more about my thougths on my collage techniques, read my profile.......Happy Monday Everyone!!! Don't forget to watch Weeds and Californication =)

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Tyn said...

hehe- everyone thinks "creating" is done a clean space,with the curtins blowing in and the sun just so... not true. That is a creavite space girl!