Monday, October 15, 2007

Geocaching for dummies??

okay if you haven't heard of geocaching it's an outdoor adventure game that you play using a GPS. People set up a "cache"--it is usually a container with various trinkets in it. You download coordinates to help you locate the cache, then you follow your GPS instructions and go get it. Once you get to the cache you can leave an item and take an item! Sounds easy right?? So yesterday being another gorgeous day in So Cal. we pack up the family, leash up the dog and head to the nearest one in the Arroyo Seco. The info we have tells us there are 16 caches along the trail that is basically a 3 mile loop. 16 caches?? I was worried because hubby didn't mention there were so many, i thought we were hunting for one so i only had one trinket to leave!! well no worries!!! we didn't find a SINGLE ONE!! out of 16...yes that's right nothing, nada, zip, bupkiss...well we thought they must be reaLLY hard to find and being a newbie i wasn't too disappointed but when we got home ian looked up on the site where we got the coordinates and saw that 203 found them and only 4 didn't. And just to salt the wound a little one of the 4 was searching in the rain at five in the evening! On a happy note to the whole debacle hubby found 40 bucks!! Who knew we were "geocashing" the whole time!

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ha ha silly family.