Sunday, January 18, 2009

nEw Work! yipee =)

awww...just checked my blog today, thought no one was lookin' and what a SuRprise to see i had comments hehe!! thanks my darlings for your unwavering support! i am happier than i've been in sUch a long time, it feels aMazing and unreal at times thinking of where i was at this time last year. I have been painting like craZy and wanted to share my newest piece that i'm showing at my fav little art haunt Zinnia! The theme for the show is Brokenhearted and so here's "Emily, the truth" it says in the writings "love is luck, you broke your own heart". I also have it translated to spanish and that goes like this "Emily, la verdad. El amor es suerte, que rompio su propio corazon" enjoy!


Tyn said...

you should totally sell prints of this!!

"Sunshine" said...

Your paintings are every bit of beautiful. They all touch me very deeply. I always said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyes of all the faces you paint seem to tell of their soul's secrets.

Amazing. SO GLAD to hear you have been happy and painting!

Love you always,