Sunday, April 27, 2008

So one day while visiting Tyn at her work she mentions to me i should peruse the Humane Society website like her and Shirley do just about every day....well I think I taught her a lesson about my willpower because less than 24 hours later I brought home this....... isn't she ADORABLE???? She's part Italian greyhound and i think wiener dog. She's brindle and weighs all of about 7 pounds. Yesterday when she was sleeping my son Ian put a piece of regular sized paper over her and it covered her whole body hehe!! Finally there's more than one girl in my house =)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

good lord!!! did you KNOW THIS???? This will definitely thwart any plans i might have for my future as an Anahata Katkin stalker....

Friday, April 18, 2008 I'll admit it--I'm a huge dork. i did NOT bring a CAMERA to Artfest..yes it's true, i was more worried about being cold and having art supplies! but I've remedied the situation by stealing..oops i mean "borrowing" some shots from Tyn who continually, year after year, saves my butt! Thanks Girl!! so0oo here's a picture of our housing, it was so lovely and toasty warm with heat from old radiators and the amazing ladies we shared it with! The second shot is out of our bedroom window across the field where all the fun art took place as well as where we met for out meals(the tiny building in the center) and shared stories. the last shot is of me, Ruth and Tyn. isn't Ruth adorable?? she wore a crazy and different hat every day--i think this one best fit the whole spirit of Artfest. another thing i have to admit is that i wasn't excited about going... at all...really. ..i mean really fact i put off doing everything to get ready until the very last minute and pretty much poo-pooed the whole trip all the way until we landed in Seattle. i haven't' figured out if not getting excited about it made the trip better or not, i just know that i had such a life altering, amazing and soul fulfilling time i can't stop thinking about it and i can't believe i have to wait a WHOLE YEAR until the next one *sigh*....well at least i learned my lesson!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

here's the AmAZing Anahata Katkin working on *my* mandala at Artfest 2008!!!! you can check out her incredibly beautiful artwork at and read her blog at If you scroll down just a bit you can see where i got this pic from, directly from her blog!! and look i'm off to the left, minus my head heheee...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm baack! and look what I can do!!!!

Wow! haven't blogged in a gazillion years...mostly because i've been having a not so creative life right as of late. Well i do believe that have changed at least for the time being!! Just got back from Artfest 2008 and had the most magical time EvaH!!! Here's the pretty mandala mixed media collage (yeah..i Collaged!!! whoop whoop) and am really excited with the result! Of course I had the most magnificent teacher Anahata Katkin!!!! I am so in love with all her work and on top of that she is very kind, patient and just a lovely soul =)
I'm so0ooo imspired to create more art not just in this genre, but to keep incorporating art more and more in my everyday living...i think it's just what this little pixie needs!!! hugs to all~*