Sunday, May 10, 2009

AwEsome day!!

So yesterday was the best day EVER!! ok maybe just the BEST DAY this YEAR!! I attended a group art show at Zinnia where I exhibited, I sold another painting that was already at the store, met Angela Cartwright from Lost in Space, AND her sister Veronica Cartwright too!!!! OMG Veronica is one of my most favorite character actors!! She was so nice and funny and she told us this hilarious story about how she kept her kids 4th grade Mission project for 15 years until she realized that rats had eaten the roof off!! We were all complaining how easy the kids have it nowadays where they can just BuY the whole kit, donkeys and all, and we had to make them from stuff like sugar cubes, Popsicle sticks, and pasta for roofs...hence why the rats were interested in it! okay here's my proof of meeting Veronica...

THEN before all this crazy happiness, I saw that my most FAVORITE ARTIST Anahata Katkin had given me a big ol' shout out on her blog! my name is there AND a collage I did! Seriously I jumped around the room like an idiot for 15 minutes...oh yeah and went back to to her blog to make sure it was still there about three or four.....hundred times! And first thing this morning to make sure I hadn't imagined it! Really, best day EVER!!!!

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soulflower said...

That is Awesome...I love her work and her blog!