Saturday, August 16, 2008

hey everyone! and by that i mean my two readers haha!! just kiddin' well sorry for the lack of posting. I am here to let you all know i've been in a treatment facility for the last month for my eating disorder. i've been battling it for a long time now and finally gave into the fact that i couldn't do it alone. so there i am working through the muck that should have been worked on what seems like a lifetime, actually now that i think of it, it has been..... I also wanted to tell everyone that wrote me well wishes Thank You so VerY much for your support!!! i need to write ya'll individually but at the end of the day i find myself completely drained and unable to write the kind of note that is honestly from my heart. so i haven't forgotten any of the notes, i carry them with me and read them in my most darkest of despair to help me keep going....House 15!! you are all such AmAzing people and i love you all sooooo much!!! i can't wait till April when i can give ya'll a huge ol' hug of appreciation. okay gotta run! my pass is for a few short hours then back to the hospital so i'm gonna play with my son and scratch the pets while i can!! i'll post again when; either i get another pass to go home for a bit or when i'm home for good. thank you all again for all you love and support. hugs your loved ones a little tighter tonight for me, life is precious. much much love to you all oxoxox kari