Saturday, June 21, 2008

okay i know i'm always telling anyone who will listen that i LOVE california weather! Well this week i am nOt really loving california weather..i do however lOve my california air conditioning!! This is what i've been up to since it's too hot to do anything outside, like breathe, or touch my car's steering wheel without melting my skin to it.....hope you love my new pieces!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

new paintings~*

Here's my latest mixed media painting! I am very happy with the way it turned. it's called "Flower's for Quan Yin" you can sort of see that her top is actually torn paper glued in 3D. I would love to credit the artist who inspired this technique but she slips my mind right now....
The best part about this painting, for me anyway, is that it's big! 15"x15" that's HUGE compared to my "safer" 5" sized paintings. Happy Friday EvERyone!!!! I'm off to get my "yay it's Friday and i'm gonna get me some Pinkberry yogurt day" green tea of course =) ((hugs to all))

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

wedding pics!

still catching up folks!! here's some pics from a super fun wedding the whole family went to on the 30th of march. it was held at a gorgeous botanical garden up in simi valley. It was really fun getting all dressed up--like make up, big girl shoes and everything!! from left to right is my daughter Jamie, Ian and moi...

Turin, Jamie and Ian

This is how Ian gets all the ladies...

....and this is how i hooked me a hubby!!

Jamie and Turin during the father/daughter dance. Aren't they adorable??

that's all the pictures i can add for now. Coming soon some actual art that I completely completed!!! YaY for finishing stuff!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Catching Up!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately(I ReaLLy aM trying to be good!!) I've been off having wonderful adventures but haven't had the motivation to blog about any of it. See Pookieville's blog for some more pictures and better explanations of our out of town fun! My partner in art and i went to Ojai where she was teaching a couple of classes. I mostly snoozed up in the room while she labored away but did get out and see some pretty cool things..Like this..................

and this.............................

and this! doesn't look that big in the picture but it was about five feet long, made from solid brass, pretty hilarious!

and this beautiful painting of carousel horses!!

and i have a strange obsession with things covered in shells..this was really magnificent!! Those abalone shells were a good foot across!

Later this week, probably tomorrow, i'll post some pictures from the super fun wedding we all went to this past weekend!! As well as some art stuff, yep still pluggin' away at that hahaa!! oxoxo kari